Pull me into you with that expression that you wear, the one that reveals a rare depth and awareness. I enjoy the slight curve of skin wrinkling around your eyes; remnants from smiles of the past. In slow motion, I read how the muscle tone under your skin rests, rises, and creases as it speaks a thousand unspoken words about you. Ever so slight movements that cause pause and give interest while portraying intelligence and complexity. The involuntary clues, offered unknowingly by your mannerisms. Those things that make you uniquely You. I crave that.

I feel your energy, a fast and rare familiarity. New, but already known. Eyes, deep and dark, searching… predatory, yet somehow, soft and kind. Looking into me, maybe calculating, maybe studying, reading my code, perhaps. Seeing deeper inside me than anyone ever has before.

I need you to pull me in, force me to expose the parts of me that I keep hidden. Compel me to bare myself to you while coaxing me to look deep inside you, too. Allow me to feel pinned and swallowed whole, hidden from everything else in the world. Where the strength and confidence that you unintentionally share is soothing, and I am safe because I know that in the moment, you won’t let me go.

“And it is that which draws me to you, too, for you are the tropics, you have the sun in you, and the softness and the clarity…”
― Anaïs Nin