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Struck by our chemistry,
I softened in your presence,
melted under your watch.

Held captive
within your
honey brown stare
as you looked deep into me.

Pulled into that dark,
brow line of yours.
Where I was bathed in
an immediate familiarity,
and craved 
the comfort of that safety.

I was completely me with you,
raw and genuine,
sincerely vulnerable
in an unprecedented way.
Without hesitation,
I had let you in.
Somehow unbreakably bound to you.

bare of my pretenses,
bare of my defenses.
On exhibit, 
authentic and real,
and exposed
for you.
I presented my all
to you.

My neck wide open,
waiting in true sincerity
for you 
to do as you wished.
While I trusted
that your bite
would not be
too much.

Unmasked and compelled
to show myself to you,
to share myself with you.
To display all the parts
that had always remained
Until you.

Begged you, 
to take what you need
from me
as I bloomed
for you.