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I like people who ‘impose’ on me —  but know that they aren’t imposing — that they are, instead, being reciprocal. It is then that I know that I can fall at their feet when I am in need, too. How they show me that they believe me when I say that I care. How they trust that I will always be there and in return, allow me that same joy.

I like people who are genuine with their intention. The ones who know that I will worship the ground that they walk on — as sincerity is my religion. The ones who know just how long a powerful moment can be … even though they know just how short life is.

I like people who don’t hold back. Who spill their words out and onto the hearts that they wear on their sleeve. The ones that open themselves and let me into their depths. For they know that this is how they can find themselves inside my depths, too. 

I like people who think of me during the routine parts of their life. Who rush to share nuances and small details of their day with me. The ones who remember me. The ones who make me believe that I am not just an afterthought. The ones who let me know that they thought of me when they heard a song, or walked a path that I have, or even — dare I say — upon their morning wake.

I like people who give effort and consistency, who offer complexity. The ones who tell me how comfortable they feel around me. For it is my energy reaching, my attempt to blanket you in good intention, my love. The ones who let their walls down so that I can let mine down, too.

I like people who reach for me and pull me into them. Bring my ears to your lips, and show me that you need me, skin-to-skin; look deep in my eyes. The ones who simply will not hide their passion and will not risk inaction. The ones who know how time is fleeting and refuse to waste it. The ones who hug the longest, kiss the deepest. For they are the rarest.