Would Feel Just as Sweet

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

Love is an energy, a looping circuit. Shared. Experienced. Gifted. Received. 

Love is timeless, just as genuine and heartfelt when sparked anew as it is when familiar and longstanding. 

You find it painted across the faces of the young;
their smiles brightly beaming.

You feel it while embraced within the strong arms of those born generations before us. Where it holds enough power to echo out and reverberate through our some-day-old bones.

And during the revelry of youth, where glasses clink and meet. 
In that magical time where the music hits just right and we feel born of the night; enjoying the steadfast friendships that surround us.

Love is seen in the depths of eyes that meet.
Where it craves expression through touch, causing lingering moments in which words just will not do. Where the need to be close becomes all-consuming, its urgency rising from down deep, aching to be fulfilled and connect. 

Where fingertips and lips on skin transfer carefully crafted unspoken words.

Love refutes hierarchy, calamity, malevolence, constraint. 
While it infuses amnesty, compassion, benevolence, and peace. 

Differentiations of intention does not make one love more powerful than another. Love is all the same, our looped connection. Meant to include others in any which way. 

Call it what you may, but where once born, it will always remain in some way.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”

William Shakespeare