I let you in.
Let you in to see me.
All of me,
the dark matter that hides on the back shelves, too.
Your light, so bright,
blinding me.

Your need to be whole,
your need to unite,
apparent within the silence of your stare.
I can feel you.

The power of the moment
the enrapture

and for just that fleeting second,
you let go.
Give your all to me.

… you letting go.

lucky am I,
a witness
to watch you unfold
as it plays out,
even more beautiful
in your escape;

like a lion’s roar.

Your energy shifts
and I feel you flow through my grasp,
like a fist trying to capture water.

And when you saunter away,
on towards bigger and better,
I remain.
I am blinded no more.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com