Only through my closed eye
do I see you.
Your dark brow,
softened by sleep.

Of what do you dream while soft breath
across the smooth and
broad chest
that my hands know so well…
they shouldn’t.

And I must finally admit regret in knowing…

…As perhaps now I would choose ignorance:
from never a taste to be had
of that heat that you give
from that sun that burns within you
that energy, contagious, that ignited me;

…perhaps unfairly.

My mistake; I did not expect to come across the likes of you.
You weathered fierce against all previous notions,
gave me a gift that I had never been given.

One that I didn’t know I needed or was even looking for.
And as it lifted me
from the gray set
of my fading autumn day, well….
it became a fatal wound to my heart
when you shared your passion,
your touch;

I was never to be the same.

It will be time that will tell
why the stars sent you my way…
(perhaps saving me; perhaps punishing…)

It is in the dark of night when I let myself accidentally imagine,
and find solace in the comfort of your slumber.
As the moments not ever to be had
mix with memory and wish
in the shadows of my mind.

Never my love, my love.