a memoir

“Are you home?”, he writes…

And he comes barreling in the door with speed and I am against him just as fast, my ear to his wide chest. Listening to his heart racing.


And I make sure not to press against him. His arms folded around me, now safe… and I turn my head to the other side, to listen to him with my other ear, and try to dive into his intensity.

I breathe him in.

And then I feel that he is hard… and he says, “Hey,” and grabs my cheeks with both hands and pulls my face towards his, wanting me to look up at him. And he kisses me and I pull back for a tenth of a tenth of a second… and then I cave. He kisses me hard, our lips speaking their own language .

We go to the bedroom and I pop in the bathroom but come right back out to find him naked and sprawled out in my bed.

Tanned skin against white sheets and the afternoon’s golden sun peaking through the blinds. Absolutely beautiful in his stillness, he watches me cross the small room.

And I ask “What are you doing here?”, as I crawl in between his feet, his knees, his strong, thick thighs, towards his lap… and he begins to sit up but I push him back down by kissing his chest and I climb on him, sundress and all.

And he is frantically moving the fabric of my dress out of the way and he knows that I am ready for him and his energy and his eyes and his hips are telling me how much he wants inside of me….

My eyes closed, and we kiss as I start to ease down onto him and we find our motion. He pulls my face towards his again. “Hey, look at me,” and I have my hands on his cheek and trace my fingers against that strong dark brow while looking into his eyes, while his hands are on me, all over me and it is real and raw and it scares me. “Because I care about you.” he answers me.

And we fuck and it is sweaty and loud and messy, just how we like it. At some point he mentions how he can tell that I love being Taken and I tell him that I love how he Takes me like he owns me… Takes me like he means it.

Like he can’t get deep enough and like I want to pull him into me, deeper into my core… we spend every effort, exert pressure, always trying to pull in closer, deeper; just a little bit harder.

And he showers and is off…