Just a year ago your eyes reflected the moon when you looked at me.

In that year, time passed between us, over us.
Made our hearts bare while we talked endlessly as our shoes got muddy on the trails along the river.
Where we talked about life and its darkness and its lightness…
and the beauty that hides in the pain of it all.
And we even spoke of how we could be writers and make Waves.
“Leaving a legacy,” you had said.

But somewhere in between the place where our brains met
and passion ignited… well…

And now your orbit moves away from me.
I am no longer new, you figured me out.
I used to be like a puzzle that had once fascinated you,
I let you in and the mystery of me is now long gone.
And you are bored of me.
You miss the pursuit, the prize.

And I miss you.
And your dark eyes.
And I miss following you on those trails.
And I miss the time you stopped me so that I could watch that hawk with you.
And I miss you reaching your hand to me, bringing me into you.
And I miss the safe feeling you gave me.
The safe feeling you lent me.

It’s ok… just thank you for sharing yourself with me that year.

Thank you for being you.